7 Musicians You Should Know About

Posted on July 12, 2013.

1. Loud Harp: This talented duo of Asher Seevnick and Dave Wilton really love The Lord, and it comes out in their worship. They have a specific style of peaceful worship that does just that, bring the peace of God. The self – titled LP is their first release and you can find it for free on comeandlive.com or noisetrade.com. Loud Harp has personally helped keep me in a place of trusting The Lord through hard times.

2. Josh Garrels:
 This solo worship artist is from Portland, Oregon and has a unique style that I haven’t heard anywhere else. With a mix of rhythmic soul and acoustic folk, Garrels brings a very rare  connection to The Holy Spirit. His lyrics are full of deep revelation that have brought me much closer to The Lord. It is a huge blessing to have someone with his talent offering his gifts up as praise to Jesus. Josh Garrels is just one of the best around, everyone needs to check him out, and I’d recommend starting with the album Jacaranda.

3. Melissa and Jonathan David Helser:
 Brother and sister or married? The answer is married. Their most recent release On the Shores has really helped their worship become more widely known. If I could use one word to describe it, Intimacy. The Intimacy with The Lord that the Helser’s have comes through in their worship, and the audience can’t help but enter in to deeper levels. I think that is what true leadership in worship looks like, The ones leading on stage set the tone to engage with God, and the Helser’s definitely go there first. I have also recognized a theme in this album of tearing down the stronghold of fear, and oh boy do we need that.

4. Ascend the Hill: 
Somewhat of the flagship band for comeandlive.com, where all three of their albums are free for download. In their first album, “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus”, they covered many well known hymns and put a modern, artistic twist to it, but they did not slow down from there. The passion that occurs all around this band can only come from a deep love for The Lord .Vocalist Joel Davis has an incredibly high range, and Drummer Jonathan Thomas is flat-out amazing. Ascend the Hill does what they do purely to make the love of Jesus known, and bring heaven to Earth.

5. The Ember Days: Hailing from New Zealand, these guys, and girl, cary such a creative and unique love for God. They have that ambient, instrumental sound, along with an unbelievable voice from Janell Belcher. I have felt a tenderness and vulnerability before The lord when worshiping with The Ember Days, it has stretched my relationship with God in such a good way. This is another band that ALL of there music free for download on comeandlive.com. I really admire this band, their dedication to what The Lord has called them to is evident along with inspiring.

6. My Epic: Coming from Facedown Records, which is almost all Christian Metel and Hardcore, My Epic has more of an Indie Alternative sound. Very lead guitar driven, Vocalist/lead guitarist Aaron Stone brings talent along with spiritual wisdom. The album that has really impacted me is “Yet”. I’m sure their other stuff is great, but I’m more than satisfied with this one album. The depth of revelation in the lyrics has actually taught me a lot about the person of jesus and the Character of God. Not your average Alternative Rock band, but if that’s in your music taste, definitely check them out.

7. Jon Foreman:
 Well Known frontman of Switchfoot released a solo project. He put out four, six song albums, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Switchfoot is more Christian Rock, but on these songs Jon really shows his heart towards praising and being honest before The Lord. You will find a mostly folky sound, songs full of peace, and some that have six or seven instruments. I personally think that he fits much better with this sound, not to mention Jon shows much more hunger for the presence of God. A must have.

Others Worth Mentioning:
Jon Thurlow (one of my favorites from IHOP Kansas City)
A White Flag (Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant’s Solo Acoustic Worship Project) Also Comeandlive.com
And of course Bethel Music/Live (Bethel Church in Redding, CA…just in case you haven’t heard of them