A Healing In Guatemala

Posted on August 27, 2014.

Just over a week ago the Around the World (ATW) DTS left on their quest to share God’s love as they travel around the world. Their first stop is Guatemala where they’ve been hanging out with street youth, conducting church services, leading a kids club, leading worship and doing street evangelism. The team told us about a student that preached an amazing sermon on obedience to the Word of the Lord, and after they invited people to come for prayer. There was an older woman who came up and asked for prayer because she was having stomach pain. As the ATW team began to pray the woman said that her stomach felt a little better, but wasn’t completely healed so the team prayed again. After they prayed, the woman started shouting about how her stomach didn’t hurt anymore. Not only that, but also that the pain in her back was gone too. The team was unaware that this woman was suffering from back pain, but this wasn’t all that was healed. When the team laid hands on the woman there was a student on their team who had pain in her shoulder, and while they were praying for this woman the student also experienced healing in her shoulder.

God has been moving so mightily that it’s overwhelmed the team with joy and excitement for what’s yet to come.