Are You Angels?

Posted on January 30, 2016.

YWAM Denver has a weekly outreach ministry called Kingdom Night. Each Friday night, we go to downtown Denver to preach the gospel, share the love of God, and be obedient to what God is asking of us. Over this last year, we have seen people healed, delivered from demonic oppression, and people accept Jesus into their lives for the first time. Here is a cool story that happened recently:

This past night, we went to 16th Street in Denver with about 75 other YWAMers to spread Gods love throughout the city. We met a homeless man named Larry. Larry is a Christian, but has been homeless for 15 years. He shared with us about his struggle with anger and not knowing what God wants him to do. We asked him if he wanted to get rid of this anger and be set free from his bitterness. He nodded. We asked him to pray out forgiveness to anyone who had hurt him in the past and to ask God to fill him with peace, patience, joy, and love. As he was praying, we could really feel the emotion of him letting go of the anger and bitterness. When he was done praying we asked him how he felt. Larry said,

“I feel happy, and I feel lighter. Are you angels? Because it’s like you came out of nowhere just to sit and talk to me. People walk by me all of the time, and no one has ever come over to talk to me. I am so encouraged.”

Larry’s story of deliverance was just one of the many this past night. We all gathered at a nearby church to share testimonies and encourage our faith. We discovered that there were 24 people who gave their lives to Jesus, and 14 people who were physically healed. Praise God!