Posted on January 25, 2023.

One of the DNA pieces we feel here at YWAM Denver is the concept of “COLLABORATION”. Not only does this value align with one of the eighteen Foundational Values YWAM has, but it is something our team feels will mark our base. 

Youth With A Mission’s tenth value is “Function in Teams” and the description underneath this value states: “YWAM is called to function in teams in all aspects of ministry and leadership. We believe that a combination of complementary gifts, callings, perspectives, ministries and generations working together in unity at all levels of our Mission provides wisdom and safety. Seeking God’s will and making decisions in a team context allows accountability and contributes to greater relationship, motivation, responsibility and ownership of the vision.”  

This foundational value plays into our heart to be a base that collaborates with other ministries, people, and bases. We know that it takes a team of people to see an idea/project through. No man is an island and we feel that our base is not an island either. We want to work alongside other YWAM bases around the world and ministries within Colorado to see God’s kingdom expand. Ephesisans 4 talks about the body of Christ and how each member is important for the body to function correctly. We believe that is the same within collaboration. How can we truly have the best idea if only one person has the authority/voice in the decision making? How can we see our base thrive if we don’t want to partner with other bases? It doesn’t. Even Jesus’ ministry included collaboration with his disciples. 

Collaboration is a key DNA piece for us as a base. We want to work together because the best ideas and the most fun happens when there are multiple people involved.