Discipleship Training School

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What Students Gain from DTS

Make your faith your own

DTS is your opportunity to step into what God has for you. Whether you have just started your faith journey with Jesus, or you have known Jesus most of your life, get ready to make your faith your own; to be marked with the love of Christ forever, and to be ruined for the ordinary.

Travel to another country

You will have the chance to travel the world with a team. You will share about Jesus, serve the underprivileged, and work to further the Kingdom, and bless the believers in the nation you’re serving in.

Experience a culture not your own

Often, we have a limited view of the world, and what is most important in life. There are millions of people around the world who have an entirely different way to approach living life.

A culture of worship and Bible-centered teaching

YWAM Denver is built on solid biblical teaching and impactful times of worship. During your lecture phase, you will learn and grow with a diverse community of believers.

Become a disciple

In a world filled with seemingly endless options, we know how hard it can be to make decisions that can potentially alter the course of your entire life.

What Students gain from an Encounter DTS

As a student in a 5-month-long discipleship training school at YWAM Denver, you can expect to gain fantastic tools, experiences, and rich lessons for life.

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Learn more about YWAM Denver by connecting to one of our staff. We would love to answer any questions you may have and see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Discipleship Training School Phases

Youth with a mission

Lecture Phase

The Discipleship Training School will give you a place to discover your God-given passions, as well as the part you were made to play in God’s divine purposes. Lecture phase is filled with new discoveries about yourself, God, and His world. Times of personal devotion and the corporate pursuit of God will give you even more opportunity to encounter His presence, and learn the lessons He is longing to teach you. This school will provoke, challenge, and encourage you to grow in your faith and deepen your friendship with God. As a part of the DTS you have the option to choose a Focus. You can choose a Focus that matches your interests and calling. We offer different Focus options each quarter, see the list above!

Youth with a mission

Outreach Phase

Outreach phase focuses on applying what you’ve learned during Lectures through a 2 month cross-cultural experience. This time will provide opportunities to boldly evangelize, encourage the local church and persecuted believers, and pray and worship over the nation. Share the testimonies of how Jesus has changed your life as you invite the lost into the same loving relationship with the Father. The mission is to take Christ’s message of hope around the world.

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Youth with a mission

“I realized the truth of Jesus’ love, and that radically changed my life. His love shows me how I should love others.”

Youth with a mission

“My DTS brought me closer to the Lord. For the first time, I saw myself the way He sees me. I became confident and bold to share God’s word with others.”

Youth with a mission

“DTS is like a green house, it really provides a safe place for growth because there is so much encouragement and awesome other christians on the same journey as I am.”

Youth with a mission

“DTS showed me that I can worship God through recognizing the beauty of His creation.”