First Few Weeks As a Part of YWAM Denver

Posted on September 26, 2014.

I have been a part of YWAM Denver now for 4 weeks, 1 of which included a week to the Caribbean getting to know the other members of our team,  as well as just relaxing with them. However, after a few weeks on the team I now have a better idea of how much work goes into running this campus.

As a student in Young People’s DTS this time last year (2013), I had no idea how much work went into preparing for the incoming school and running the campus throughout the quarter. This week everybody has been working hard to prepare for the 120 students that are coming this Monday. Being on this side of things has been a sweet and challenging experience all at the same time. While of course I never could have predicted what it would be like to be on this ministry team, it has surprised me how off I was at trying to predict it. Before joining YWAM Denver, their ministry team members looked somewhat “glorified” to me. I thought, “what a great way to do ministry and live in a community that is constantly centered on the Lord.” Although the focus and aim is always to glorify God, it isn’t always that easy. Our intentions can be to serve the Lord in everything we do, but most of the time we as YWAM Denver have to choose moment by moment to glorify God. YWAM Denver is a great way to do ministry and live in community, but we also all have to make a choice to keep our minds set on Jesus. These ministry members work hard to make this campus run well, and that includes everything from sitting at a desk answering the phone when somebody calls, to scrubbing floors in the kitchen for hours trying to get grease off. But the most impressive thing to me about being with YWAM Denver, is seeing everybody’s desire to grow in the Lord, and in their work. Ministry members have their hands open ready for the next challenge, and ready to be taught how to do something better. There are days when jobs seem more difficult, and those are the days we are challenged to rely on the Lord the most.

All of our YWAM Denver team are looking forward to this upcoming quarter, and all of the challenges the Lord has for us, as well as looking forward to loving and serving all of the new students! We are ready and willing to fight the good fight in faith.