God’s Love in Healing

Posted on January 22, 2014.

The Uganda team is currently in Jinja and has been pretty with many different ministry opportunities there. Women of Hope is one ministry that they have been able to work with, where they have opportunities to share testimonies and a teaching. They have also been able to pray for the women and have been breaking off many witchcraft bands that have such a stronghold there. Last week they went to six different women of hope groups. 
There is also a Children’s ministry they have been working with and is one of the team’s favorite things to do even in their own free time! They are thankful to have many different opportunities throughout the week to be with the kids. They’ve been building relationships with kids from a sponsorship program that come to church for a Sunday school style time every morning. Also, last week the team went to four different villages, where they were able to play, tell Bible stories and share the Gospel. Just on Friday they led 32 kids to the Lord and when they asked them how many of them needed healing about 25 raised their hands and all 25 experienced God’s love through his healing power! Praise the Lord! They were also able to be part of, jail, sports and youth retreat ministries. Over all it has been an amazing time in Jinja for the team the feel really blessed to be there.