He Meets Us Where We Are

Posted on August 28, 2018.

Evangelism is one of YWAM Denver’s core values. We have a very dedicated ministry team that takes pride in full-filling the Great Commission. Every Friday, we have a Kingdon Night, our ministry team and students go to various locations around Denver or the surrounding Denver-metro area. We believe as the body of Christ that we are to go share the simple gospel to everyone.

In DTS (Discipleship Training School) you have the opportunity to expand out of your comfort zone, and evangelize, not only during your lecture phase but on outreach. This testimony is from a DTS (Discipleship Training School) student on outreach, to minister to the local community.

“One of the most amazing things about God is that He meets us where we are. During one of the nights a few of us had decided to go evangelize and walk down one of the streets that weren’t completely filled with partying college students. As we passed in front of one of the houses, I saw a young girl who was standing out front. She noticed me, so we waved to each other. In a spurt of energy, I continued to wave more violently to get her to laugh or come out. As she walked over toward us, she asked, “Do I know you?” I responded laughing, “No, I just wanted to say hi!” She replied with a shy laugh, “Oh. Hello.” We told her that we were out blessing people and to see if she would like to be blessed by prayer. She was not interested but the girls with me were more ambitious than normal, so they began to prophesy over her anyway. The Lord spoke to me, that she was struggling with depression, and when I told her this she stood back shocked, as if I had read her mail. She quickly responded, “Whoa, how did you know that?” With boldness, I told her, “Because Jesus brought me here to tell you that he loves you!” She then opened up to us and told us about her Catholic past and newfound spirituality, but never thought about God in the way we had presented Him, as someone who pursues us. We invited her and her boyfriend to come be a part of the ministry we would be doing the following night, so they could come learn more about this God who was seeking them.

It’s encouraging to know that when we step out in boldness God is right there with us, and sometimes he even gives us the right words to speak to people we’ve never met before. It’s a great example of how he desires that everyone comes to know him and he’ll pursue people in individual ways.”