Interview with a Boarder

Posted on February 13, 2014.

Today I got to sit down with Isaac O’Neill and talk about what’s been happening with the Boarders DTS. Isaac shared how his ski season has been here in Colorado, and how the lecture phase of DTS is going so far.

K: Where are you from?
I: Ontario, Canada

K: How old are you?
I: 18

K: What brought you here?
I: Friends shared stories of their experiences at YWAM and I wanted to experience those things. I also wanted to serve in some way, one being going on a mission’s trip, and I also wanted to grow more in my knowledge of God.

K: How has snowboarding been on the weekend?
I: Fun! It’s been easy to talk with random people and tell them about YWAM. I enjoy sharing with people about the Boarders DTS and what we’re all about.

K: What’s your favorite hill?
I: Breckenridge

K: Any cool stories from snowboarding on the weekends?
I: Yeah, last weekend we met a kid who was riding alone and he joined our crew for part of the day. It was cool to be building relationship with him and not just talk with him for one chairlift ride up the mountain.

K: What’s been your favorite week of lectures so far?
I: Blake Mattocks, he taught on Character and Nature of God. He was a good speaker. He showed ways that you can apply what he was teaching to your life. He was very practical and easy to follow.

K: What’s your favorite quote from Blake?
I:  “World changers, Kingdom shapers, and Freedom Fighters.” I also liked how he talked about how we need to be honest with God, and find the monsters hiding in the dark in our lives. Examples of monsters are, anger or judgment, things like that.

K: Have you been able to apply what you’ve learned to your life?
I: Yes, I now look at people and see the good in them first. I’ve also learned patience in new areas of life.

K: Where are you going on outreach?
I: Turkey and Romania

K: Any specific reason for choosing that out reach?
I: Both are cultures I’ve never experienced before and I felt Gods been calling me to go there.

K: Do you have any expectations of what you want to see God do?
I: I want to see peoples lives get turned around, and also I want to see people get saved.

K: Did you gain anything from the returning students and hearing their testimonies?
I: Yeah, it got me more excited to see what God will do. I’m also excited to see my team grow closer as friends.