New Things At YWAM Denver

Posted on February 12, 2015.

New things. That is what this season has been about for us in the Personnel Department at YWAM Denver.

Our goal in the Personnel Department is to utilize the gifts and skills of our volunteers to facilitate the advancement of God’s Kingdom around the world. We are primarily tasked with organizing our team members placement in different departments and then organizing their day-to-day schedules. This January, Jess and I started working together and it has been a grand adventure ever since.

The beginning of this year also marked a new transition for YWAM Denver as a whole. We moved from a quarterly system to a 3 term system. We will run our programs 3 times a year and then use the 4 weeks between each term to train our volunteers and to serve in our community. YWAM Denver has been on a quarterly system for 20+ years so this is definitely the beginning of something new.

We also are experiencing a wave of new volunteers. On average, we have 3-4 new volunteers/month. We have been blessed with just a flood of new energy, new gifts, and new passions within our community.

Now, between a new calendar schedule and so many new team member placements, you might be thinking that we are a bit overwhelmed in Personnel. But that is simply not the case. We are always blessed by the grace of God but we also have been blessed with a new volunteer scheduling program called ShiftPlanning. Because of our non-profit status, we qualify for a 50% discount which is a gift! This program really allows us to spend more time with the team instead of time spent simply focused on logistics.

We love that God is doing new things at YWAM Denver as well as through us. Thanks so much for all of the support and the care that you have for us!