Outreach Preparation

Posted on December 5, 2013.

This fall we have five teams going to different countries for eight weeks. Three teams from the Young People’s DTS are going to Africa, Thailand, Mexico and Belize. There are also two teams going out from our Musicians’ DTS; one is going to Colombia and the other one is going to Costa Rica. I talked with Sarah Mientus, 23, from Pennsylvania and Becca Cerquera, 21, from New Mexico, who are both going to Colombia.

What are you doing this week, and why are you doing it?
Becca: We’re doing Outreach Prep. This is a week where we are learning skits and dramas to get ready for what we’re going to share when we go to Colombia.

Tell me about one of the dramas you’re in.

Sarah: I’m in a drama called “Family”. I’m playing the mom, and it’s a lot of fun. The background music is very intense and it’s all instrumental. There is also no dialogue in the drama, so we have to work a lot with our facial expressions and our bodies to get the message across.

Basically, it starts out presenting the family. Mum, dad, and kids. Then, the dad runs off with a mistress, and it starts messing up the whole family. The kids get themselves into different things like drugs, alcohol, depression and so forth. 
But, in the end, Jesus comes in and redeems the whole situation. It’s a really powerful drama.

Why is this week important? 

Becca: When we’re going to Colombia, we will be doing a lot of street- and children’s ministry. We learn about communicating without words, and it’s really helpful, since few of us speak Spanish.