Redeemed & Renewed By The Creator

Posted on February 21, 2019.

A camera bag, containing my first camcorder and essentials I would need to continue filming others skateboarding, fit the description of what would be called a personal item by Delta Airlines. I put my personal item under the seat in front of me, and settled into mine (F18), and looked out the plane window as we took off into the Michigan skies. I was on my way to Denver, Colorado. To join what was called the Snowboarders And Skiers Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I would never have guessed that it would change my life forever through the power of Jesus Christ.

I knew this experience would be a fantastic opportunity for me to make new friends, and document everything along the way. Coming from flat western Michigan, to the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, was a unique experience for me and I only had one thing on my mind, to improve my abilities on a snowboard.
Within the first few weeks of my lecture phase, all my expectations were met and exceeded.
We had an awesome team of leaders, as well as like-minded fellow students, created a community, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. We all shared the same passion for Christ and the snowboarding and skateboarding culture. Before I joined YWAM on this crazy adventure, my walk with God was nonexistent, within the few months of lecture phase, I experienced the presence of God.
With a renewed faith; I had a better understanding of God’s goodness and was ready to share it with others around the world. That is precisely what I was able to accomplish during the second part of my Discipleship Training School known as outreach. A small team of leaders and students journey to the hard to reach people groups located around the world.
On outreach, my heart broke for the little children running rampantly on dusty dirt roads with no clean water to satisfy the thirst caused by the scorching heat. For the mothers that worked themselves to the bone to provide what they could for their families – that had never known a loving father. For the widows who lived in cinder block homes with no flooring, just waiting for the end. It was through my team that the Lord was able to bring clean water, it was through my team that the Lord mended broken homes, and it was through my team that He provided hope to the widow.
All it takes is for us to surrender to God and say “Here I am God, send me.” He will move in ways that we may not even witness in this lifetime.

To Know God and Make Him Known is now my life’s mission because I have seen God’s heart for his broken people, not only for those around the world but also you and me.
A punk skater kid from Michigan, considered to be heading nowhere -redeemed by the Creator of the air he breathes.