Justice and Mercy Discipleship Training School

Why the Justice and Mercy Focus?

The Broken, The Marginalized and The Sick.

Learn and experience the joy that it brings to love and serve the broken, marginalized, the outcasts, the lost, and the sick.

Value, Identity and Worth

See these people through the Father’s eyes, and know-how to share with them not only the gospel but their value, identity, and worth.

Head to Heart to Knowledge

Experience compassion as it goes from head knowledge to heart knowledge so that it flows naturally out of the student’s hearts and into their hands.

Practical Application

Recognize that even though God is a healer, he gives us the skills and tools to go out and do it. The Justice and Mercy DTS is meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage you to grow in your faith and compassion towards others

Youth with a mission

Youth with a mission

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