School of Ministry Development / Phase II

Upcoming Dates

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Strengths & Identity

Students complete Gallups Strengthsfinder and look at their strengths and weaknesses in a biblical context. Students learn how to build and create effective teams around their unique skill sets.

Servant Leadership

The School of Ministry Development focuses on training leaders for a lifetime of leadership. In traditional ministry and all other areas of life.

Public Speaking & Teaching

Students tackle fears of public speaking by writing and presenting speeches. And learn how prep teachings, sermons, and convey information in a clear, concise way.

Faith & Finances

Trusting God for finances is one the hardest part of life in full-time ministry. The School of Ministry Development teaches students how to make a realistic budget, how to fundraise, and why it is biblical for missionaries to fundraise.

Biblical Worldview

Students examine different streams of the Christian faith, absolutes, and relatives and establish and set their personal worldviews.

Personal Calling

The School of Ministry Developments gives students the time and space to seek what God has for their life and put a plan and goals in place to reach what God is calling them to.


Our ministry team is standing by the phones to talk and pray with you!

Youth with a mission

Liz V.-

“The School Of Ministry Development was the place where I started to understand what it meant to be a leader like Jesus was when he was on the earth. He came to serve, that was the biggest take away from this school. To lead out of a servant’s heart no matter where God leads you.”