Stand for the Vulnerable

Posted on December 4, 2013.

About a week ago I attended an amazingly, beautiful concert. It included thought/heart provoking poetry, soulful lyrics and melodies and deeply, heart-felt stories. The “Stand for the Vulnerable” event was not only about making and sharing beautiful art, but also about using this art to speak and share on behalf of others.

Local musicians and YWAM Denver staff, Kevin and Anya Looper (accompanied by Jenna Cassel and Lars Lindquist) opened the show. The night continued with spoken word artist, Micah Bournes, followed with a talk by co-founder of Ten 4 Congo, Belinda Bauman, and a performance by singer-song writer Josh Garrels finished out the night.

The “Stand For The Vulnerable” benefit concert, held by World Relief (a relief and development organization), was an event to raise awareness and support for the people of the Congo. According to the World Relief website, over the last several years, there has been an ongoing civil war in the Congo. There continues to be devastating effects from the war such as lives being lost, families being displaced from their homes, sexual violence, poverty and other general conflict. World Relief believes in partnering and standing by the beautiful people of this nation during this hard time.

“The Stand for the Vulnerable” event raised over twenty-thousand dollars and one-hundred percent of the proceeds are going towards this effort to stand with the people of the Congo.

This was an amazing night filled with beautiful art, beautiful stories, and beautiful people.