Things to do in Colorado

Posted on February 5, 2020.

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. and is full of beautiful national forests and parks. With a diverse landscape of arid deserts, river canyons, and snow-covered mountain tops that are partially protected by the Rocky Mountain National Park.

-Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most popular national parks in the U.S is the Rocky Mountain National Park. There are more than 100 peaks over 10,000 feet, with Longs Peak being the highest at 14,259 feet. The park is full of wildlife like elk, deer, and bighorn sheep. If you enjoy hiking, the park has trails with routes that vary from one-day hikes to multiple-day hiking trails. Some of the most popular things to do in the park include camping, bouldering, hiking, climbing, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

-Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a popular place to go rock climbing, bike riding, horseback riding, walking/hiking, or going on a jeep tour. The Garden of the Gods is a unique landscape of stone towers like fins, some reaching up to 300 feet. Also, the visitor center has fantastic views of the rock formations as well as the Rocky Mountains.

-Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde was home to the Ancestral Pueblo from approximately 600 AD to 1300 AD. With the cliff dwellings being one of the most breathtaking archeological sites to visit when you are in Colorado.

-Great Sand Dunes

Being the tallest dunes in the United States, the Great Sand Dunes National Park is a unique sight in Colorado with a diverse landscape. The 750-foot Star Dune is startlingly high, and the mountains in the distance create a stunning setting.
Hiking trails run through the forest on the edge of the dunes. The four-wheel-drive Medano Pass Primitive Road opens up some unique terrain, and car camping sites are located along the roadside. Regular camping is available at the Pinon Flats campground.

-Hot Springs

There are many gorgeous hot springs in Colorado, but some of the best ones include Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Hot Sulphur Springs, which has the same name as the town, or Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Glenwood Springs.

-Pikes Peak

At 14,115 feet in elevation, Pikes Peak is one of the Southwest’s famous “fourteeners,” a reference to mountains that stand over 14,000 feet. Pikes Peak is one of the most visited mountains in the world, second only to Mt. Fuji. You can drive to the summit of Pikes Peak on the Pikes Peak Highway or take the train to the top.

-Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells showcase some of Colorado’s most beautiful Rocky Mountains. This area has six mountains over 14,000 feet, along with forests, alpine lakes, meadows, and 175 miles of trails to help you explore the terrain. The hiking here is incredible, with all kinds of day hikes and backpacking areas, and there are mountain biking trails that cover hundreds of miles. Fishing in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams is popular in summer also.