Biblical School of Justice

Our Biblical School of Justice was birthed from the understanding of knowing that there is injustice in the world around us, and as followers of Christ, we are equipped to do something.

During the Biblical School of  Justice, you will learn about the Biblical worldview of injustice as well as God’s heart for justice. Receive teaching from those who combat injustice around the world. Join us as we bring the Kingdom to earth by loving the orphan, widow and destitute among the nations.

For this school you will need to have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School.

September 26, 2022

December 08, 2022


500 - $4000



  • The Biblical School of Justice tackles the hard subject of abortion based on the Bible. What does God really say about the pre-born? Does a fetus have unalienable human rights? Creation, family design and plans for humanity.

  • One of the most complicated subjects covered in the Biblical School of Justice.  Students examine why is there suffering in the world, the sovereignty of God, the plans and purposes of God.

  • Learn about trauma and how to help address it. Gain practical skills for walking people through trauma.

  • Who is a refugee? What causes a crisis? And how should the modern, western Church respond?

  • Students look at the root issues of Modern Day Slavery; Human trafficking, bondservants, and more. Supply and demand, traffickers, victims, pop-culture, fast fashion, prostitution, pimps, johns, buying sex.

  • Depending on the outreach you choose and the location, outreach costs can vary. Final outreach costs will be announced within the Lecture Phase.

    • 2-week mandatory practical application is about $500
    • Optional 8-week Overseas Outreach costs are between $2,500 – $4,000

    These fees will cover your flights, housing, food, transportation, and other ministry expenses.

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