Colorado Adventure Discipleship Training School

Our Encounter DTS with an Adventure Focus is filled with new discoveries about yourself, God, and His world. Each week, a new eye-opening topic will be taught that you can explore in a safe and open community. Times of personal devotion and the corporate pursuit of God will give you even more opportunity to encounter His presence, and learn the lessons He is longing to teach you.

Regardless of the focus you choose, all students will remain together for the majority of DTS lectures. DTS Focuses meet one night per week for special activities and teachings.

Outreach focuses on applying what you’ve learned during Lecture Phase through a 2-month cross-cultural experience. We try to offer a Stateside outreach, An outreach that goes to 1-2 locations and then an Explorer’s outreach that goes to 2-4 locations. Outreach costs vary depending on the outreach option you choose.

September 26, 2022

February 10, 2023

$3,095 + $60 Book fee

$2,500 - $5,000



  • The Adventure Focus is designed to give you unique opportunities to quench your thirst for exploring the beauty of God’s creation. Colorado is surrounded by jaw-dropping scenes crafted by the most Creative Being in existence.

  • Experience God’s character as you witness His glory in sights that will set your adventurous spirit ablaze!

  • The Adventure focus is meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage you to grow in your passion for adventure and the outdoors.

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DTS is a wild pursuit of God and His heart for the nations.

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