Why Did You Choose DTS?

Posted on May 24, 2016.

We are midway through week three of the summer term at YWAM Denver! Students arrived here from all over the world for our Discipleship Training School, School of Worship, WISE School (Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism), and School of Ministry Development.

Ryan O’Flaherty is a student in our Discipleship Training School. He is 27 years old, from Sydney, Australia. His wife, Hannah, did a DTS at YWAM Denver before they got married and is now a student in our School of Worship.
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What led to your decision to be part of this DTS?
I was given prophetic words from my pastors about me pursuing education. This was confirmed by my wife’s grandparents who are missionaries. It was hard to process at first, thinking about giving up work and everything. But after praying for awhile, one day my heart changed and I knew I was supposed to get out of my comfort zone and come do DTS here. I chose Denver rather than doing DTS in Australia because I wanted to challenge myself in leaving familiarity.

What are you most looking forward to or expecting from this time?
Having a deeper education. No longer free-styling my way through things. I want to be educated and relate my experiences to Biblical truths…to be able to lead others well because of this foundation.

What have you been surprised by so far?
I’ve been surprised by how quickly relationships form here. I’ve been connecting with others and experiencing the power of God as we get words for each other and encourage each other. I’m speechless to see the way the Lord has done so much already.

Would you recommend DTS to others?
YES! It has helped me take that next step. There are so many friendly people and a lot of love.