Why I Chose Missions

Posted on July 8, 2019.

I never saw missions in my future. Growing up, I always thought missions meant you had to be out of the country doing huge, radical things for God and that you had to be “super-spiritual.” Once I completed my Discipleship Training School and School of Ministry Development, God started speaking to me about missions and joining staff.

God soon began to show me that missions look different for everybody. His heart is to reach everybody everywhere. He has no limit. He has spoken and taught me how capable I am, even at 20 years old. God can use me, and he can use you too!

Deciding to do missions full-time is not easy. You have to completely trust the Lord to provide for you in every way. I was pretty nervous going into missions as I like security and routine, not the unknown. As I stepped out and became a part of the Ministry at YWAM Denver, I’ve seen God’s faithfulness like never before. That has been the sweetest thing, seeing how much God has provided for me. Being able to serve Jesus in different capacities is why I’m here. There are so many different ways I can serve Him and tell more people about Him.

Getting to step out and see how God uses you and takes you is so fun in your relationship with Him. Why not see where he takes you and serve Him with all you have?