You Can Do It

Posted on June 14, 2019.

I have always struggled with self-worth, being confident in who I am. It all started in 5th grade when I had my first encounter with being bullied. Most kids get bullied by other students, but mine was from my teacher. He brainwashed me to think; I won’t make it in the real world, and I am not smart or wanted by anyone. It never really hit me hard during that time. I shoved it away as if it was nothing. Around 8th-grade, I started to think about ending my life because of people bullying me. I hit rock bottom, in 9th – grade. A group of guys would take me every day in the gym locker room. They would beat me – I would come home with marks all over my body.

You might be wondering where I am going with this? Well, I never thought I could be healed. I just accepted who I was and was content with not being confident in myself. Just flat out gave up. In 2018 my life went crashed to rock bottom, and I needed a new start in life. So, I found out about Youth With A Mission Denver. I signed up, and I was scared or a new fresh start in life. I never left the nest before – but it was needed.

I completed the Around The World Discipleship Training School, which is a five-month school. Split into three months of a lecture phase and two months of outreach. During the lecture phase, I learned who I was and my worth in Jesus’ eyes. The staff helped me, stood by my side, and continuously guided me back to the Lord. I broke off so many addictions and things that were attached from my past when I was being bullied.
I learned that I could change and Jesus loves me so much. I now love who I am, and this wouldn’t have happened without Jesus, he did it all. Well, if you are looking for help from breaking chains off, wanting a new start in life or even wanting a stronger relationship with Jesus. I highly recommend looking into the missionary training schools at Youth With A Mission Denver. You can change and don’t have to soak in all of that mess from your past. You can do it.